Weekend Renos for Patios This Spring

Not everyone has thousands of dollars to spend on a patio renovation – or wants to wait for council permission. And some of us simply don’t have the time to get stuck in to a big project.

But that’s OK. There are many fun and fairly straightforward improvements you can make to your patio in one weekend. And best of all, you likely won’t need permission to do them (although check with your council, as rules differ).

Add a shade sail

This is such a simple solution that can dramatically alter the look and function of your patio – and entire outdoor space. From around $200 to $3000, you can buy and install a shade sail. The bigger the area, and the better quality the materials, the higher the cost; and costs vary between suburbs and states, too.

You can take the shade sail with you if you move house – or leave it for the new owners, adding value to your property by creating an all-weather outdoor space.

Invest in patio edging

If your patio is paved, you can add an artistic touch with edging. This also ensures your paved patio lasts longer, as it contains the individual pavers and maintains the interlock between them.

Edging involves a ‘rim’ of pavers that frames the paved space, just as paver edging does around a garden bed or path.

While you can do this as a DIY job, make sure you know what you doing. Incorrectly fitted edging can end up coming away from the patio and creating unsightly and dangerous gaps. Have a handy friend or family member help – or call a paving expert.

Paint your patio

Do you have a concrete, tiled, or timber patio that needs a little lift? Then grab yourself some outdoor paint and give it a lick of colour. You’ll need to start with a primer, let that dry, and then begin painting. Start with the edges. Let the first coat of paint dry, and then apply as many additional coats as necessary to get the look and finish you desire.

You can also spray paint the patio surface, depending on the existing materials. This is known as resurfacing – and while it’s possible for experienced DIYers, hiring a professional is almost always a better idea.

All these patio improvements should only cost a few hundred dollars while adding plenty of value and functionality to your home.

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